Success First

EKU Success First  transition programs are for first-time freshmen who need to strengthen college-readiness skills.  Summer Bridge  and Eastern Bridge  admission is available to students who have not yet reached ACT/SAT subject score benchmarks and/or have high school GPAs that do not qualify for full admission to the university.

Admission standards for each program are as follows:

Eastern Bridge:  Students who have a 2.0-2.49 high school GPA and ACT Composition of 15-19 (or SAT equivalent) may be admitted to Eastern Bridge (only offered during the Fall term).  Note:  Students with low ACT/SAT subject test scores are required to attend the Summer Bridge program or demonstrate proficiency above the standards specified below.

Summer Bridge:  Students who have at least a 2.0 GPA, ACT subject scores at or below a 13 in English and Reading, and a score at or below a 15 in Math must retest to meet or exceed these standards or apply for and be accepted to the Summer Bridge  program before they can be admitted to the university.  Student who aqcuire an SAT equivalent score at or below 460 in Evidence Based Reading/Writing (combined scores), and at or below 450 in Math will also be required to attend Summer Bridge.  Students accepted into the Summer Bridge  program must pass the prescribed courses before being granted admission to the Fall term.  Students may submit acceptable scores from one of the following exams:  ACT/SAT, KyOTe, COMPASS*, Residual ACT, or the EKU Placement Exam offered through the EKU Testing Office (859-622-1281 or

*COMPASS scores accepted if taken between January 1 & December 31, 2016.  Scores are only good for one year.

                                                         Summer Bridge

                                                  July 3 - August 11, 2017

                                                      Eastern Bridge

                                              August 2017 - May 2018                         

                        All students attending a Success First program must:

  • Complete Orientation before the program begins.
  • Complete Summer and Fall financial aid forms before classes begin.
  • Complete a Success First Learning Agreement.
  • Submit all test scores. Summer and Fall class enrollments are based on ACT, SAT, or EKU placement test scores.
  • Complete GSD 101:  Foundations of Learning during the first semester at EKU.