Developmental Education and Academic Readiness

                            College Course Placement Chart

The Developmental Education and Academic Readiness programs help students achieve their maximum academic potential and enhance their chances for degree completion. Classes, programs, and mentoring initiatives provide students with opportunities for skill development designed to improve aptitude in writing, reading, and mathematics.

The program includes the following courses through the Departments of English & Theatre and Mathematics & Statistics:

  • ENG 090 (Basic Writing)
  • ENG 095 (Developmental Composition)
  • ENG 101R (Reading, Writing and Rhetoric, Supported)
  • ENR 090 (Developmental Reading I)
  • ENR 095 (Developmental Reading II)
  • ENR 116 (Strategies for College Reading)
  • MAT 090 (Prealgebra-Modules A, B, & C))
  • MAT 095 (Introductory Algebra-Modules A, B, & C)

The Developmental Education and Academic Readiness area also coordinates the summer and fall semester Eastern Bridge  programs. These first-year transition programs are specifically designed to address the needs of students with two or more developmental requirements in the areas of mathematics, writing and/or reading for students entering the University in the Special Admissions category. Students admitted to the programs study together to form a collaborative learning community characterized by mutual assistance and encouragement.

The Eastern Bridge program has been very successful in helping students remediate developmental requirements, become academically successful, and be retained at the University.